Pragmatic Trial resources


PragMagic has been updated and renamed to the GetReal Trial Tool. Please visit to use the tool. Your PragMagic account details remain valid in the new tool and your project data is still available. This website will be taken offline soon.


The PragMagic Tool aims to support trial design teams to maximise generalisability of trial findings to the routine care setting of interest while ensuring validity and operational feasibility of the trial. PragMagic gives insight into the possible consequences of more pragmatic trial design choices and operational challenges on generalisability, validity, precision, stakeholder & ethical acceptability and operational feasibility.

For more information on pragmatic trials, please read our introduction on Pragmatic trials and real world evidence.

Practical note: please use a different browser than Internet Explorer for use of the PragMagic tool. Technical issues have been reported with the use of Internet Explorer. 

Background and Rationale of PragMagic

Watch this short video for an introduction to the PragMagic tool.

Getting Started with PragMagic

Watch this short video to help you get started with the PragMagic tool.