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PragMagic has been updated and renamed to the GetReal Trial Tool. Please visit to use the tool. Your PragMagic account details remain valid in the new tool and your project data is still available. This website will be taken offline soon.

Launch PragMagic - an innovative tool to assist pragmatic trial design

June 8th 2017


Rick Grobbee  Iris Goetz  Evert Hoogendoorn  Mira Zuidgeest 
Professor of Clinical 
University Medical Center Utrecht  
Research Advisor 
Epidemiology, Global Health Outcomes, Eli Lilly
Strategist and 
Assistant Professor, 
University Medical 
Center Utrecht

This webinar was the launch of ‘PragMagic’, the web-based tool that is a key output of GetReal.

PragMagic is a decision support tool and educational tool for pragmatic trial design and protocol evaluation, developed in collaboration with serious gaming company IJsfontein. In a user-friendly (and dare we say fun) way, PragMagic gives insight into the possible consequences of more pragmatic trial design choices and operational challenges on generalisability, risk of bias, precision, stakeholder & ethical acceptability, cost and duration.

The PragMagic Tool aims to increase the value and feasibility of pragmatic trials by informing stakeholders when designing and assessing pragmatic clinical trials.

In this webinar, we briefly introduced how pragmatic trials can address the need for real world evidence; discussed the operational challenges and the forces at work that we captured in the tool, showed how gaming principles were used to get the information across in a user-friendly manner, and concluded with a live demo of the tool.

Download the webinar slide pack